The Intelligent Socket

Control your electrical outlets with your smartphone.

Plug & Play

It's super easy.

Plug the IOP in your outlet, install the app on your phone or tablet* and you're done. No setup, no configuration, it just works.

*Works with iOS and Android. Requires Bluetooth 4.0


Functions galore

It'll blow your mind.

The IOP comes loaded with smart functions. It can detect when you come home or leave. You can remote control it or use it as a timer. It detects daylight and nighttime, measures you current consumption and much more.


Ignore it

You will not notice it if you don't want to

With a simple and timeless design it fits any home and since it can detect when you flip the lightswitch you can pretend it's not there at all. You can still use your lightswitch as usual.


Nerds only

Yes you can program it too.

The IOP runs on JavaScript. You can program it directly from your phone, no need for compilers or cables. A well documented API gives access to all the functions in the hardware. Use your imagination and make the IOP do whatever you want.